Argo Applied Technologies is natural resources technology company that is pioneering a revolutionary metals and minerals processing technology; DESion.

DESion provides a social and environmentally responsible alternative to cyanidation of gold and the processing of up to 17 other metals including PGMs, that is entirely non-toxic and non-aqueous, providing a realistic answer to major hurdles within metals and minerals  processing. Currently at laboratory stage with ongoing contracting with three pilot customers for the manufacture of a pilot plant within the next 12 months, DESion has shown to remove the need for smelting and substantial refining, allowing full value to be retained by the host country at the mine site, with a anticipated 20-25% cost saving over cyanidation in the case of gold processing.

The end result is a process that is a cheaper, poly-metallic, environmentally safe, non-toxic tailings, low water use and 98% recovery, with high selectivity in dissolution. Argo Applied Technologies has developed this tech in conjunction with the University of Leicester, where DESion has been researched and successfully deployed in other industries over the past 20years. Argo is now ready to commercialise this technology further at scale, with industry expertise and a deeply experienced management team, whose track record spans technical mining to specialist experience in developing economies.